Chicago Computer Repair Services

I (David Quigley) specialize in providing customer support for individuals and small businesses in the Chicago area. I can help with issues as simple as getting a new printer installed and as complex as building a new computer.


I’ve helped customers transfer data to new computers and get the new computer setup just like they wanted. I’ve helped small businesses setup networked printers and network security. I can build custom computers or repair PCs and Apple computers, all at an affordable rate. I can also do computer virus removal and computer maintenance, including ideas on what you could do to cheaply improve the speed of your computer extending the life of your current computer.

Networks – Wireless, wired, installs and repairs

I can also handle the network needs of any small business or home office. I’ve installed new routers, switches, and patch bays. I can install new cabling or repair broken networking cable as well. For home office users I’ve setup Cable and DSL services, configuring all of the computers in the office or home for wireless or wired access as needed.

Hourly Rate: $55/hour.

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