Adding a DVD drive to Your Computer

We all enjoy being able to watch our favorite shows. Why not make sure that you can watch them from your computer if you want to. Installing a DVD drive allows you the freedom to do this. It might be a good idea to get one that records DVD’s as well, no sense doing this over again in a few months.

Before you buy the DVD drive, make sure that your computer can run one. If you are using a new computer it may already have a DVD drive in it. If not they are easy to install. You do need to make sure that you have the space for one though.

Your computer needs to have at least 32 MB of ROM; it should also have at least a Pentium II processor. You will need at least that much storage space and speed to run the DVD drive. Other than that all you need is an open 5 ¼ bay to install the drive in. If you are getting close to maxing out your hard drive you may want to consider upgrading it as well.

Once you verify that you have the speed and storage for a DVD drive, and a space to put it in. You need to check your sound and video cards and your speakers to be sure that they can run the DVD drive. Then it is just a matter of finding a DVD drive that is compatible with your sound and video cards.

If you cannot find the sound card and video card information to check for compatibility, you may want to check into a DVD upgrade kit. These are a little more expensive but they do contain everything you need to do the upgrade, including step-by-step instructions on how to install it.
You found the DVD drive that will work with your computer and you are ready to install it. First you need to shut down your computer, unplug the power cord. If it is somewhere hard to get to, you may have to unhook all the peripherals from the back of the tower and move it out in the open. Next you open up the tower case. Ground yourself by touching the metal frame of the tower to remove any static buildup.

While you have it open it’s a good time to clean out the dust that has built up inside the case, this can be done using a can of compressed air. It’s a good idea to keep a can around it works great to clean out your keyboard too.

Then it’s just a matter of connecting cables and fitting the DVD drive into the empty bay and securing it. When you have everything hooked back up and power up your computer you should get a message that new hardware has been found. At this point you will probably need to load the disc that came with your new DVD driver to load the drivers it needs.

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