Does Your Keyboard Need Lights?

Probably not, but they do look cool. The choice of getting a keyboard with LED lights built in is strictly a personal choice. Unless of course you use your computer in the dark a lot, then LED lights can have a practical use. There are a lot of people who never learned to type without looking at the keys, for these people, having the keys lit up at night can be a real benefit.

Changing out your keyboard is one of the easiest upgrades you can possibly do to your computer. However, there are some things to consider before you buy a new one. There are a variety of keyboards on the market now; you need to decide which one would work the best for you.
You could choose to replace the keyboard with one that is basically the same as the one that came with your computer, or you could upgrade it to a style of keyboard that will be more convenient for you to use. You can also choose from a variety of colors for your keyboard, most brands come in black, white, and stainless. If you bought your computer as a complete package then you may want to stay with the same brand name as your computer. This should not limit your options though, most brand names come in a variety of styles.

Along with a variety of LED colored lights, keyboards also come with either wireless or USB connections. So if you are tired of the mess of wires it takes to hook everything up to the back of your tower, a wireless keyboard may be a good upgrade for you. You also have the option of the basic style of keyboard, similar to the one that came with your computer, or a very slim model that is not much thicker than a piece of paper. There are even keyboards out there now that can be completely submerged in soapy water to clean them.

If you are left handed they make a keyboard just for you. There are also keyboards that are split in the center placing the keys at an angle that is supposed to be more comfortable for some people to use. You also have to consider whether an ergonomic shape would be more comfortable for you to use. If you do a lot of work on your computer this could definitely make your life easier not to mention more comfortable. They offer much greater support to your wrists and prevent pain from extend periods of time typing. Many offices have switched to this style to prevent wrist strain.
Almost all of these options can be found with the LED lighting option if you are willing to look around. Many allow you to choose the color you want the LED lights to come in. Once you find the perfect keyboard, it is easy to install, if it’s a USB hook up just plug it in and run the disc. For the wireless varieties you just load the disc.

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