Laptop Repair – Webcam Problems & How to Resolve It

Laptops are very handy but they can be harder to fix than desktop computers. The cost of laptop repair is also skyrocketing every single day. This handy technology is generally more sensitive than typical desktop computers. This is the reason why some technicians might charge more, especially when it comes to hardware issues.

Hardware problems are generally more complicated than software issues because it entails some tearing down of the parts. If you don’t have any experience in doing this, it is better not to attempt doing it at all. A simple wrong move can just cause your laptop to become more damaged, which might lead to more expenses. If you have a bit of knowledge in computers and are comfortable troubleshooting your laptop yourself, then you go ahead and try your magic. Before doing any troubleshooting steps, check the warranty of your laptop first. As you know, laptops and computers will come with a warranty from the manufacturer. If the unit is still covered by the warranty, you are lucky. If it’s past the warranty coverage, then you would need to step up and have it fixed by someone like DQSupport or fix it yourself.

One of the most common problems laptops have is webcam related. A lot of people have complained that their webcams suddenly just stopped working. This issue can be caused by several reasons such as corrupted applications, corrupted drivers or even a virus infection. Here are some simple steps that you can do yourself to figure out the problem and eventually fix it. To check if the application is the one causing the error, you can download and try out a new webcam application like Skype, YM or Windows Live Messenger. If the webcam seems to be working with the new application, the issue can be with the built-in application that you were using. You can uninstall that old software and use the newly downloaded one instead.

If it still doesn’t work with your newly downloaded applications, the issue could be because of a corrupted driver. Go to the Device Manager and check for a yellow exclamation mark on the hardware tab. This sign is an indication that there is something wrong with the device. Resolution for this would be to uninstall and re-install your drivers. You can usually find the appropriate webcam drivers at the support site of your laptop. If you have already gotten to this part and the webcam is still not fixed, you might have a bigger hardware problem. You might need to have your laptop diagnosed by a DQSupport technician to know what is causing the built-in webcam to malfunction.

Another common issue that people have is how some webcams don’t work after standby mode or hibernation. This happens because a lot of common video applications don’t adjust to the power change of the computer system. All you have to do is restart the application or restart the laptop, and it should come up again fine. The secret to having a laptop in excellent condition is excellent maintenance. As long as you take care of your laptop, application problems like this shouldn’t be an issue.

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  1. hello, i got a HP pavilion g series laptop (2012) edition and my webcam worked fine last night now all the sudden when it turns on it is greyish brown like someone is holding their finger over it, is there anyway i could fix this by myself?

  2. Karissa,

    It sounds like the camera has gone bad, but I would go on HP’s website and reinstall the drivers for your web camera. If that doesn’t work, then I’d just look on Amazon for a reasonably priced web camera. I tend to recommend Logitech web cameras, as I’ve had great success with them.

    An added benefit is that the external web cameras you can buy on amazon for $30-60 from Logitech will be much better quality than what you had built into your laptop. Typically they are better in low light situations, better resolution sometimes, and better lenses. Just do a bit of looking on Amazon for ones with good reviews, and I’m sure you can find something you’ll be happy with.

  3. the camera of my laptop is side up… i tried to find the settings but i can’t find it.. pls. help me on this

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