Privacy Policy Statement

DQSupport is not a large company, so we have a simple policy. We’ll do our best to protect your privacy, including how we handle your computer equipment and information whether we get it from you via our website, work we do for you, or in person. We do not purposely track sensitive information, and will avoid keeping copies of any personal information, unless otherwise specified. (i.e. we do a temporary backup of your website or computer’s hard drive for a service we are providing you.)

Of course, this could change, so if you’d like to be up-to-date on what’s written here you’ll need to check back occasionally. You can always email us at if you have questions. Also if DQSupport were to change hands we would transfer information that we have to them, but again we will make a reasonable effort (as much as our little group can) to make sure your information is protected. If you’ve got a particular concern, let us know and we’ll work to address it if possible.

Thanks for doing business with us!