Computer Maintenance 101

Have you ever tried to remove a virus or speed up your computer yourself and been unable? We’ve compiled a list of tools and articles that will help you get your computer back up and running smoothly on your own. While we can do this for you as well, these tools can also help prevent you from ever needing to call us.

Computer Maintenance:

Antivirus and Malware Removal Software:

There are many options for antivirus software, and choosing one begins with the choice between paying for an all-inclusive package, or using a collection of tools for free. We would argue that their effectiveness will be the same, but the cost and ease of uses is the difference.

Paid Computer Malware Removal and Antivirus Software:

Free Computer Malware Removal and Antivirus Software:

Firewall Software:

If you choose to not use one of these, make sure your Microsoft Windows firewall is turned on (XP or newer), make sure your computer is up to date with the Microsoft Windows updates, as well as any other software on your computer.

Also if you are working at home, and you have a router, such as a wireless router for accessing the internet, there will be a firewall built into this device. Just make sure it is turned on. Keep in mind that if you take your computer elsewhere (laptop to the library or coffee shop), that you will no longer have the protection of the routers firewall so you will still want a software firewall for those occasions.

We hope this short article has helped. Contact me with any questions or concerns about your computer needs. I can help with computers, networks, and more. Technology is what we focus on, so don’t be afraid to ask. For more articles and tips like this check out the blog:

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