Don’t Buy a New Laptop Until You’ve Tried This

Most people become so attached to their laptops that they don’t want to get rid of it even when signs of old age start appearing. It is perfectly understandable why this happens. If you have had your laptop for years now, I’m sure parting with it is not a very easy thing to do. Well, the good news is – you won’t really have to. There are ways that you can do to save your beloved old laptop and improve its performance.

The cost of buying a new laptop can be too much for some people. During these trying times, not everyone can afford to just add a new expense to their already long list of expenses. Working to salvage your old laptop seems to be a more practical idea. One of the typical things that happen to old laptops is that it slows down after a few years. Adding new programs, applications, music files and videos over the years will take up a lot of space in its memory, causing it to slow down. An obvious resolution would be to clear up all the junk files you have accumulated. Go through all the clutter of files that you have and remove anything you don’t use anymore and don’t find important.

If you don’t want to totally delete them, you can just transfer these files to a USB flash drive or an external hard disc drive. Both of these are great external tools for data storage. So what is more appropriate for you? It basically depends on how much memory or storage space you need. A flash drive is more handy and will be able to store about 1GB – 8GB of your files. An external hard drive, however, is capable of storing much more from 300 GB to even Terabytes for the more high-end models. It can basically store your whole lifetime of memories in a little box.

Once you have removed all the unnecessary junk files in your laptop, it would also be advisable to do a little clean up of the registry. You don’t have to manually do the cleaning yourself as that can be such a taxing job. There are a lot of automated softwares you can download online, most of which are free, and can do the job for you in just a few clicks of the mouse. Aside from the cleaning up the registry, which is the centralized database of Windows systems, some software can also automatically detect and fix small errors. Cleaning up the registry will not just speed up the performance of your computer, it can also prevent it from getting malwares or viruses.

These steps will have your old laptop running like a brand new one again. Think of the money you can save by salvaging your old laptop and doing a little cleaning on your own. This can also be the perfect time for you to do a little organizing of your computer files.  After you have done this, regular maintenance is important to keep the laptop running smoothly.

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