Hard Drive Installation

First you need to find out what kind of hard drive is compatible with your mother board. Otherwise, you will have an expensive hard drive sitting on your desk that is totally unusable. So, before you order that knew hard drive with all that extra space that you are craving, check out your computer specifications to find out what model of mother board you have installed and then go shopping for your hard drive.

If you are like most people these days you will probably be shopping online for your new hard drive. There are many great suppliers, just make sure that the hard drive you choose is compatible with the mother board that is already installed. You should be able to find this information in the specification section of the part description. If it does not tell you what systems the hard drive is compatible with, contact the supplier and ask them or find a hard drive that does give you this information. It is much easier to ask than order it and have to return it later.

If you are going to be replacing the hard drive in a new computer then you are probably going to be looking for a SATA drive. These are much easier to install that the older IDE drives. You also need to decide if you are just replacing the current hard drive or adding a second hard drive to your system. Adding a second hard drive can be a bit more complicated than just replacing the one that came with the computer.

These are just some of the decisions you need to make before starting to install a new hard drive in your computer. We will assume you have made these choices and have your hard drive ready to go in the computer.

The first things you need to do are power down your computer and disconnect everything from the back of your tower. This makes it easier to pull the tower out and open it up. Make sure you are grounded to avoid static while working on the computer. If you are replacing the current hard drive with the new one then you will have to begin by removing the old one. The hard drive is normally located under the CD/DVD drives in your computer tower. Pay attention to how the connections are made on your current hard drive before removing it. This will make it easier to replace them on the new hard drive.

Remove the cables first before unscrewing the current hard drive from the case, sometimes the cables are difficult to remove, having the hard drive still secured makes it easier to remove the cables without damaging them. Then unscrew the current hard drive and hook the cables up to the new hard drive, if they do not fit try turning them over and retrying them. Then simply slide the new hard drive into the slot and secure it with the old screws. Close up the tower and reattach all the connections to the back and power up.

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