Re-Installing an Operating System – Important Things to Know

There are a lot of issues and errors a computer can go through in its lifetime and there are also a lot of solutions for it. Some of the solutions to a computer issue are too complicated for an average Joe to do. Let’s face the facts – we are not as tech-savvy as we think we are. There is one easy solution to a faulty computer system which is sure to resolve almost any issue – reformatting.

Reformatting the hard drive of your computer will allow you to start over from a clean slate. This is usually the solution to bad virus infections and other unmanageable software issues. Most technicians view this procedure as a last resort because it will erase any and all of your old programs and files. If you want to save your important files, you need to back-up your files in an external storage equipment. You can purchase a flash drive or external hard drive for this. There are also a lot of free online backup services that you can find. It is practical and smart that you do back-up of your important files even before a catastrophe happens. Other more drastic issues can destroy your files, which you can’t recover anymore. If you don’t want that to happen, back your files up even before disaster strikes.

Before doing this procedure, you also have to ensure that you have the needed CDs for re-installation. This should include the original operating system that came with your computer (Windows XP, Vista, ME, 7 etc.) and also all the other CDs for your applications (MS Office, games and such). If you already lost these CDs, it is important that you obtain them again; else you won’t be able to proceed with reformatting. You can download some of the applications online for free but the operating system as well as the security software is licensed, so you would need to purchase a new set.

The procedure itself, although time-consuming, is pretty easy. Most of the operating systems will just require you to boot from the installation CD, and then would pretty much take care of everything else. It will give you instructions on how to partition and then format your hard drive, all you need to do is follow them. The length of the procedure would vary, but would mostly take around 2-3 hours to finish. It isn’t necessary to stay in from of the screen all the time but you should keep an eye out for any errors that could happen along the re-installation.

Once the re-installation is done, the computer would seem “fresh” again. You might want to double check on your old programs and files before installing them back. If these old files or programs led your computer to crash or malfunction in the first place, it might not be a good idea to put them back in. This procedure is so easy that anyone can do it. Even if you have little to no troubleshooting experience, you can get through fine with re-installing an operating system.

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