Software For Burning CDs & DVDs

One simple way of backing up the data (information, pictures, documents) before doing computer repairs or upgrades is to copy files to a CD or DVD. But how do you do that?

Well, if you are using Windows XP, there is a pretty simple way for creating CDs, but it will take a bit more work for DVDs.

CDs vs DVDs – Pro’s & Con’s


  • Low Cost ($.25-$1 per disc)
  • Easy to create (Windows XP and Vista can put files on CD with no extra software)
  • Fast (5-15 minutes per CD, depending on how much you putting on it)
  • Simple (Drag and Drop)
  • Most Computer have them
  • Small Size (only .7 Gigabytes)


  • More Exspensive ($.50-$3)
  • Extra software needed
  • Larger (4.7 or 8.4 Gigabytes)
  • Longer time to create (because there is more information to put on the disc it will take longer to make each one)

DVD Software

Because Windows XP doesn’t support theĀ  ability to create DVD’s without extra software you’ll have to find a software product that will do this. If you are willing to purchase a product, the best (although possibly not the simplest) software to get is from Nero. You can find it on their site (

If you are looking for a free program to do this you can use one of these options:

One of these three programs will do want you’d like, but they don’t come with support, so you’ll need to read the accompanying documentation on thier sites or find someone (like us here at DQSupport) who can help you with the process of learning how to use the software.

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