Computer Equipment


Computer Maintenance 101

Have you ever tried to remove a virus or speed up your computer yourself and been unable? We’ve compiled a list of tools and articles that will help you get your computer back up and running smoothly on your own. While we can do this for you as well, these tools can also help prevent […]


Don’t Buy a New Laptop Until You’ve Tried This

Most people become so attached to their laptops that they don’t want to get rid of it even when signs of old age start appearing. It is perfectly understandable why this happens. If you have had your laptop for years now, I’m sure parting with it is not a very easy thing to do. Well, […]


Laptop Repair – Webcam Problems & How to Resolve It

Laptops are very handy but they can be harder to fix than desktop computers. The cost of laptop repair is also skyrocketing every single day. This handy technology is generally more sensitive than typical desktop computers. This is the reason why some technicians might charge more, especially when it comes to hardware issues. Hardware problems […]

Troubleshooting a Wireless Internet Connection

The internet has been one of the biggest innovations of our modern world. It has not just made life more convenient, it has also kept families, friends and loved ones connected. Nothing is infallible though, so even this advanced technology experiences major problems. A lot of people depend so much on the internet that when […]

Understanding the Blue Screen of Death

Many call it the “blue screen of death”. This dreadful computer issue is feared by many. Imagine working on your computer, taking a few minutes of coffee break and then going to back to be greeted by a blue screen on the monitor. You try to move the mouse and reboot the PC but nothing […]

Installing New Fans in Your Computer

Computers need fans inside the case to keep all the electrical components cool. If they overheat your computer will stop working and it can even destroy the hardware you have installed. Replacing a defective fan can mean the difference between a small expense and replacing the whole computer. You do need to be careful and […]

Does Your Keyboard Need Lights?

Probably not, but they do look cool. The choice of getting a keyboard with LED lights built in is strictly a personal choice. Unless of course you use your computer in the dark a lot, then LED lights can have a practical use. There are a lot of people who never learned to type without […]

Installing a New Power Supply

The first step is deciding what amount of power you computer needs. If you have had problems and need to replace the old one, you should probably buy one that is a little more powerful. I say this because if the old power supply fried, it could be because it wasn’t big enough or powerful […]

No More Sound? We Can Fix That!

Before you consider replacing your sound card, check to make sure all your audio drivers are up to date. Next make sure one of the kids didn’t put you on mute. It has been known to happen. The easiest way to check this is to reset all your audio settings to the factory default. You […]

High Graphic Games Need Better Video Cards

With care your computer could easily outlast the video card that came with it. New technology is constantly coming out with better and clearer graphics for games and movies. This upgrade in technology also means that your video card will probably need to be upgraded at least once during the life of your computer. Thankfully […]