What to Do with a Slow Speed Internet Connection

There are many reasons that could lead to a slow speed internet connection. Usually, users who experience this kind of problem call their Internet Service Provider (ISP) immediately to report the issue. However, waiting on queue for the next representative can be very frustrating. And when you are connected, they will end up just transferring […]

Troubleshooting a Wireless Internet Connection

The internet has been one of the biggest innovations of our modern world. It has not just made life more convenient, it has also kept families, friends and loved ones connected. Nothing is infallible though, so even this advanced technology experiences major problems. A lot of people depend so much on the internet that when […]

How to Troubleshoot Your Internet Connection

We usually get the message “Page cannot be display” or Error 404 “server not found” when the internet connection is down. This can be such a hassle, especially when we badly need to go online. After getting that error message, we usually call our Internet service provider (ISP) for assistance. I’m sure you’re familiar with […]

Creating a Wireless Network

When should you create a wireless network? When you have several computers running in the same house. When you want your small office to be more efficient. When you are tired of wires running all over the house to connect computers. When you want the option of using a laptop or desk style computer without […]