Computer Maintenance 101

Have you ever tried to remove a virus or speed up your computer yourself and been unable? We’ve compiled a list of tools and articles that will help you get your computer back up and running smoothly on your own. While we can do this for you as well, these tools can also help prevent […]


Re-Installing an Operating System – Important Things to Know

There are a lot of issues and errors a computer can go through in its lifetime and there are also a lot of solutions for it. Some of the solutions to a computer issue are too complicated for an average Joe to do. Let’s face the facts – we are not as tech-savvy as we […]

Troubleshooting a Computer Virus – Important Things to Know

One of the biggest problems that can happen with your computer is to get infected with a virus. This is such a troubling hassle which can destroy your files and eventually make your computer system crash. Not all viruses, spywares or malwares are that destructive though, as some of them can just be really irritating. […]

Easy Maintenance Steps to Avoid Computer Repair

A lot of people are intimidated with the thought of computer repair. Because computer systems seem to be very complicated, a typical housewife or an average Joe might get scared to try their hand in repairing a problematic computer. One of the best weapons you can arm yourself with is knowledge. Training yourself to be […]

App Review – WordPress

I recently started using the WordPress app for the iPhone and they’ve added one significant feature. It recovers what you where working on when the app crashes which is very useful because when I first tried the app it wouldn’t do this and I got very frustrated several times when I lost articles as a […]

App Review – Audible

I recently downloaded the new Audible iPhone app and let me tell you it is sweet! Pros: 1. Free! 2. Able to playback audiobooks in iPod application 3. Able to download audiobooks you’ve purchased over WIFI 4. Able to bookmark/notate your favorite spots in an audiobook 5. Hasn’t forgotten my position in an audiobook yet […]

App Review – Pandora

Pros: Easy access to lots of music. Not connected to desktop streaming limitations so you can keep streaming even if you go over on that limit Less obnoxious ads Hours of listening! Cons: Needs either a good Edge connection or decent 3G connection to work. Drains battery in about 4 hours. Doesn’t work as a […]

5 Best Anti-Virus Programs

I thought today, I’d list out my favorit anti-virus programs, so here they are in order from best to worst in my mind. Anti-Virus products I’d recommend 1. Microsoft Security Essentials – It’s free, light on system resources, and effective. The price is right, and I’d say use this with out a second thought. […]

Software For Burning CDs & DVDs

One simple way of backing up the data (information, pictures, documents) before doing computer repairs or upgrades is to copy files to a CD or DVD. But how do you do that? Well, if you are using Windows XP, there is a pretty simple way for creating CDs, but it will take a bit more […]