What to Do with a Slow Speed Internet Connection

There are many reasons that could lead to a slow speed internet connection. Usually, users who experience this kind of problem call their Internet Service Provider (ISP) immediately to report the issue. However, waiting on queue for the next representative can be very frustrating. And when you are connected, they will end up just transferring […]

Troubleshooting a Wireless Internet Connection

The internet has been one of the biggest innovations of our modern world. It has not just made life more convenient, it has also kept families, friends and loved ones connected. Nothing is infallible though, so even this advanced technology experiences major problems. A lot of people depend so much on the internet that when […]

Troubleshooting a Computer Virus – Important Things to Know

One of the biggest problems that can happen with your computer is to get infected with a virus. This is such a troubling hassle which can destroy your files and eventually make your computer system crash. Not all viruses, spywares or malwares are that destructive though, as some of them can just be really irritating. […]

App Review – WordPress

I recently started using the WordPress app for the iPhone and they’ve added one significant feature. It recovers what you where working on when the app crashes which is very useful because when I first tried the app it wouldn’t do this and I got very frustrated several times when I lost articles as a […]

Solutions for Content Heavy Websites

A while ago I read this article entitle, 25 Content Heavy Websites with Beautiful Structure, Layout and Hierarchy. Unfortunately it wasn’t as helpful as I had hoped, given the title of the blog post. Most of the pages he referenced in the article are no where near the volume of information on the most content […]

Google Buzz

I’ve been working with Google Buzz for a couple of days now since it was released, and I have to say I interact with it more than I ever have with twitter. So far things I like about it are: Easily integrates with my gmail for notifying me of new buzzes (is that a word?) […]

An idea for a website template – SHIPPED!!!

Here is an idea I had for a website template. After working on it for a while and being dissatisfied with it I put it aside. But as I’ve been reading Linchpin, I’m realizing that it’s important to ship, even when it’s not perfect because at least then I’ve done something, I can learn from […]

Beginning Web Optimization 101

I sent this post out a few weeks back in my newsletter, but I thought it would be worthwhile to re-post it here. Optimization deals with making or choosing the best of something, and with Web Optimization that’s what we are aiming for, the best of web pages. It’s very possible to improve your conversion […]

Migrating between versions of mySQL

I’ve just updated this site from mySQL 4.0 to mySQL 5.0 in order to update WordPress to the newest version. If you notice any problems with the site, I’d love to know about it! You can always email me at dquigley@dqsupport.com Thanks!

Comments are back on

Per the request of one of my great friends, Chuck, I’ve turned comments back on in this site. I had turned them off for some time, because I didn’t feel they were necessary, but I’m relenting and turning them back on again. Chuck, you got your wish!