More iPhone Development…

At the end of the day yesterday I was able to get the iPhone SDK 3.0 to finally download and install on my Mac! So I started to test out how it was working with the interface builder, and while it was easy to drag and drop a few items on to a window, I’m seeing the complexity of designing an app quickly appearing. I’m really hoping this book I’ve got will be sufficient and useful enough.

Right now I’ve got the book dropped off at the copy center at my job where they are cutting off the binding (it’s a big paperback-style binding on 600 pages). They going to replace it with a spiral binding for $5.50 which will let me set the book flat which will be awesome!!!

After seeing how much it costs, I’m tempted to do it to a few other books I’ve got and use frequently.

Anyway, I’m not looking to develope any kind of crazy big iphone app or mac app. I’d just like to expand my skill set in these areas enough to be useful, and mildly knowledgable, with the possibility of giving me more opportunities in the future.

Anyone else casually learning Objective-C out there?

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