SEO and DQSupport

Since January, I’ve been working on and learning about how to optimize it for Google and other Search Engine Optimization (SEO) items. I’ve been learning a lot, and since beginning this process, I’ve landed on the first page of the google search results for “chicago computer training”,  “chicago computer trainer”, and “chicago computer repair”. Now the last keyword or phrase is proving to be the most difficult. I getting onto the first page, and then falling in the rankings. I’m not sure what the reasoning for this is, but I’m continuing to work on the site, improving and creating new content to support it, and will hopefully be able to start ranking for other keywords as well. My next goal is to rank for more specific locations such as Wicker Park, Bucktown, Logan Square, and Avondale, the neighborhoods I live in or near in Chicago. SEO work is an ongoing process, and a learning experience.

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