Stop that auto-reboot

If you’re like me, you get really frustrated when Windows decides to reboot by itself. Now I’ve seen articles and forum posts about how to keep from having that feature enabled, but what if you’re like me and you want to keep those things enabled? I’m one of those crazy people that runs an automatic remote backup nightly (jungledisk), a weekly virus scan (clamwin), and allows Windows to install every update automatically. Did I mention I’ve never lost any data, gotten a virus, or had any issues like that? BUT, I don’t want Windows restarting when I’m in the middle of working or to get nag screens every 5 minutes. So here is a simple and purposely temporary solution. Go to the “Run” in the start menu (Windows Key + “R”) or open a command prompt, and enter the following:

net stop wuauserv

This will stop the Windows Update Services, but only temporarily. Next time you reboot, Windows will get the reboot you wanted and Windows Update will go back to it’s happy little state of consistently downloading the latest updates.
(Thanks goes to an old friend, Beau, for showing me this trick!)

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