The Netbook – A new kind of computer

I was recently impressed again by a netbook. I helped out a guy today with getting his wireless card setup to connect to a wireless network on his netbook, and I was blown away by how sweet the size was.

I’m a techie guy who uses the computer all of the time, and I’ve always loved small laptops. Especially now that I’m out of college, and the only times I need a computer is when I’m out traveling, I don’t really want a big laptop. I’ve got a desktop and I don’t really need that kind of power when I’m out, especially with the price tag typically associated with a really fast laptop. So I think I’m ready to go with a low-power and cheaper netbook for this next time around. has them from $250-$450 for a decent little netbook. Check them out. They aren’t a desktop replacement, but for light, mobile computing, and full web access over wifi on the go, they are hard to beat.

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