Google Analytics and WordPress

Google Analytics logoI was just sharing with a friend today the two tools I’ve found most useful for using Google Analytics with WordPress.

1. Google Analytics for WordPress

The title of this one says it all. Just insert your tracking code and you’ll be working in no time!

2. Google Analytics Dashboard WordPress Widget

This tool is great because it intergrates the information from your Google Analytics account directly into wordpress so you can get the overview of your site traffic on your dashboard as well as page details when you look at each page in the listing. Great for keeping your eye on page and site traffic quickly as well as putting it in front of everyone.

Tools I’m looking for…

Now if you know of a good plugin for these tools I’d love to know (I’ve tried several, so it’s not that I haven’t looked for all of them already).

  • Google Web Site Optimizer tool (easy integration of Google multivariant and A/B testing in WordPress
  • A plugin that will allow me to modify the entire page layout of the site, not just content like Google’s tool does
  • An excellent calendar tool
  • A registration tool that allows downloads based on a password, but not using any login/username. Just the password. And the ability to track downloads would be great too!

Any ideas or suggestions, let me know, and i hope my short list points you in the right direction for your next or current wordpress project!Google Analytics logo

2 Replies to “Google Analytics and WordPress”

  1. Does Google Analytics for WordPress insert the JavaScript into the header or footer. I’m using Google Analyticator which uses Google’s newer simplified and quicker executing code (looks like most WordPress Analytics programs user the older code). I would probably change if they stick the JavaScript at the footer like its supposed to be.

  2. Google Analytics for WordPress inserts the JavaScript into the footer. Plus it has a nice feature where it doesn’t track you if you’re logged into your site as admin! So right now my visit isn’t being tracked which makes for a more accurate report.

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